Pietain Morvannis

The harsh but fair Manager of the Pit


Pietain is 5’ 11" tall, 170 lbs., 32 years old with red hair and a hair but somewhat weathered complexion.


Pietain claims to be a native of Jetsom Island in the Hold of the Sea Princes. He arrived quite recently in the City of Greyhawk. His skill with the trident was highly useful in gladiatorial combat, and he won two good purses in one day. Shortly thereafter, Andrade Mirrius named him Manager of the Pit.

As Manager of the Pit, Pietain is responsible for regular combats, hiring and firing of all staff, procurement of monsters, and the establishment’s finances. He runs a tight ship; he is harsh but fair. It is said that he sometimes hires adventurers, hunters, and the like to acquire monsters or escaped criminals for use in The Pit. Thus, he could be a source of employment.

Pietain Morvannis

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