Ricard Damaris

The gruff but sociable owner of the Green Dragon Inn


Ricard appears to be a man in his mid 30s. At 6’ 3" and 236 lbs., he is a beast of a man, with thick black hair and brown eyes. He has a small triangular scar on the left side of his chin, and he is missing a finger. He claims these are “trophies” of his youthful days as an adventurer before he retired and bought the Green Dragon Inn.


Ricard is gruff but sociable enough; he is a reverer of Olidammara, and enjoys seeing a rowdy but nonviolent inn full of intoxicated people. Fistfights, and even broken glass and dagger fights do not bother Ricard unduly, although he has been known to wade in with his club to subdue people if matters get out of hand—his regulars know when to stop.

Ricard is also known to have a wife, Florence, who is generally not seen in the inn—apparently she does the book work and prepares the plain bill of fare served as food. He also has a young daughter, Clarissa, of whom he is deeply proud, and his spoiling of her has made her quite an intolerably little brat who has temper tantrums and kicks and screams a lot.

Ricard Damaris

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