Cairn Hills

This barren string of hills is the northern prominence of the massif known as the Abbor-Alz. Its name refers to the ancient discovery of mysterious burial sites here, containing relics from an unknown civilization. These relics proved to be of great value, though their acquisition was a matter of no little risk. Though Greyhawk was no more than a wild trading town at the time, this was the beginning of its role as a starting and ending place for would-be adventurers and treasure-seekers.

The hills fringes the territories of the Free City on two sides, providing strong and visible borders. In addition, their rugged nature and general lack of settlements make them the wildest territory near the City of Greyhawk.

It is said the hills are remnants of an ancient range of mountains. Their foundation is the bedrock of the earth itself and in places this rock—dark gray granite and rose quartz—juts through the shallow covering of earth that gives the hills their characteristically drab appearance.

It is this same bedrock that guards the gems from which the Cairn Hills derive their most significant commercial usage. The Free City of Greyhawk operates several vast mining regions in the hills, producing a variety of large, high-quality gems, especially emeralds and rubies, though a few diamonds are unearthed here as well.

Cairn Hills

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